Battlefield Mons
Tour Dates
:  TBC
Price Per Person: £595.00pp  Single Supp: £120.00
Hotel: Cambrai / Mons

Battlefield Amiens                            
Tour Dates: 8th-11th October 2021 
Price per person: £595:00  Single Supp: £100.00
Hotel: Campanille Amiens
This tour is now full!

*Both tours strictly limited to 25 participants*

Chairman's Tours 2021 
4-7 June 2021 - Destination Mons  

Friday 4 June - on route to our hotel we will visit Casteau discovering the opening shots for the BEF in the War, as in previous tours Jack Sheldon will provide some context to the opening phases of the war from a German perspective, Clive Harris will focuse on the BEF, French and Belgium participation and movements. There will be a welcome drink on arrival at the hotel.      

Saturday 5 June - A full day studying the Battle of Mons in August 1914, many of the stands will be driven by the requests of the group, often away from the obvious locations and involving lesser known aspects of the battle. It is anticipated we will be including Oborg, Nimy &  St Symphorian CWGC alongside the Mons Military Museum. The day will end with a visit to Elouges and Audregnies to study the actions of 15 Infantry Brigade and 2 & 3 Cavalry Brigades on the 24 August 1914 

Sunday 6 June - A full morning studying the retirement from Mons towards Le Cateau including time spent at Mauberge, Bavai , the Forest of Mormal and Landrecies where General Haig's I Corps fought a delaying action as part of their retirement. The afternoon will be spent studying the line at Le Cataeu where General Smith Dorrien's II Corps made their stand between Caudry and Reumont on the 26 August 1914     

Monday 7 June - Our final morning allows us to study the 1918 fighting in the area Mons that marked the final shots of the war and compare the BEF of 1918 with that of 1914 alongside a similar study of the German Army. We then head for Calais and onward crossing to Dover and UK drop offs. 

*As ever this Itinerary is shaped around individual participants requests and personal visits are encouraged, its what makes these tours.      

8-11 October 2021 - Destination Amiens - *This tour is now full and further details will be announced in the lead up to the tour* A reserve list os open should you wish to be added to this should ant spaces become available 

Friday 8 October - Onroute to our central hotel we will make a visit to Etaples CWGC and discover life behind the lines for the BEF 

Saturday 9 October - A day studying the April 1918 defence around Amiens notably at Villers Brettonneux  

Sunday 10 October - A day studying the actions of July & August 1918 from Le Hamel to Chipilly  

Monday 11 October - Travel back via a stop at Douglas Haigs HQ for the Battle of the Somme